Jeffrey David Hirschberg was born to loving parents, Rick and Pam, on May 13, 1970, in Aberdeen, WA, a town that at one time was fondly known as the "Hell Hole of the Pacific". A little more than two years later, he became big brother to Aimee, whom he welcomed home from the hospital by attempting to cut off all her hair. He would eventually warm to her.

Jeff grew up on the mean streets of Hoquiam, WA, where he developed a hardcore computer gaming habit and a love for music and shlocky horror films. By the time he hit Hoquiam High, he'd gone full band geek, so needless to say, he was a huge hit with the ladies. That trend continued when he went off to the University of Washington and majored in computer engineering. Leaving a string of tawdry affairs and an untold number of bastards in his wake, he headed south to graduate school in hygiene-optional Santa Cruz, CA. While at the University of California, Santa Cruz he helped design and build Kestrel, a parallel computer for genetic sequence analysis. Burned out on school, BO and perpetual sunshine, he returned to Washington and solidified his position as the ultimate lothario by moving in with his parents.

In 1998, Jeff went to work as a corporate drone, writing software to test designs for the world's largest chip maker. After 10+ years of soul sucking, Jeff's job was relocated to Oregon. Uh, no. It was on to something else, but what? After taking a voice acting class on a whim, Jeff fell in love with the idea of being broke and decided to become a voice actor. He quickly realized he knew nothing about acting, so he began to study with the wonderful Katherine Billings, perform, and eventually write, and he's even made a little money doing it. He started Deep Manly Voice LLC to make it all official (thanks for the awesome name, Tori!). He asked a local radio station if he could learn to be an announcer, and they foolishly agreed. Jeff now works as an actor, voiceover artist, writer, radio announcer, emcee, computer guy and whatever else may come along. He's building his media empire from somewhere deep in the wilds of Yelm, WA, with his fabulous girlfriend Anita and their four cats.